Right to Remain

Right to Remain is the new name for NCADC, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns. In 2013, our members voted to change our name to better reflect the work we do (and for a name that is much easier to say!)

The nature of our work has changed in response to the changing environment of campaigning for migrants' right to remain in the UK. Campaigning for justice in an asylum and immigration case cannot just begin when removal/deportation is imminent. Our work is increasingly around raising awareness of the legal processes involved in the asylum and immigration system, helping to make sure migrants understand the process better and know what their rights are. Effective campaigns are not (just) campaigns against deportation/removal: they are campaigns for the right to stay. Read more here


Students (and academics) stand up to the encroaching border

The new Immigration Bill, described by one politician as “the most racist piece of legislation that this country has witnessed since the 1960s… aimed at setting up a regime of harassment for migrants”, will affect international students more than any other group as they already make up 75 per cent of those subject to visa controls.

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Top tips: public campaigning for the right to remain

We support campaigning for the right to remain because it works: it can overcome the barriers to justice, and win the right to remain; and it can produce other benefits for the individual and the wider community too. Individuals’ campaigns for the right to remain are a crucial way of exposing the injustices of the asylum and immigration system, and improving people’s access to justice in their cases.

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